My Daughter

A man named Liang was tormented by the pain of losing his daughter to an incurable illness, leading him to live a decadent life. Then, one day, he crossed paths with Yu, the neighbor's daughter. It's unclear whether it was because he saw his own daughter in her or felt pity for Yu, but they found solace in each other's company.

Their fleeting moments of happiness were short-lived. Yu's father discovered her frequent visits to Liang's house, and after a drinking episode, he became increasingly unstable. He forcefully entered Liang's home and took Yu, subjecting her to violent abuse. In a desperate act, Liang fought back, rescuing Yu.

After a long and tumultuous night, Liang found himself in a state of inner turmoil, unsure of his next steps. Eventually, at a crossroads, he chose to take a remote path. He continued to drive until dawn, finally stopping near the edge of a cliff, where he gazed out at the distant sea. His emotions grew even more complicated.