Like a cow plowing a field, its muzzle is muzzled, the employer whips it to work hard, then the employer eats more than the cow that works hard.


Guruh is a farmer's son who succeeded in taking his education in the city, now returns to the village to meet his parents. However, Guruh's meeting with his mother actually makes the relationship between mother and child even worse. The stubborn, arrogant, and never listened to his mother's words, thunders became a conflict that was present in their midst. The mother's patience in dealing with her child like that continues to be tested. Until finally Guruh was uncomfortable with staying in the village and chose to leave. In his mind, he hated his mother very much for problems that Guruh's mother never explained, and it upset his heart. Future demands make Guruh very worried, but his mother hinders his path. Only Guruh's father can resolve mother-child conflicts because Guruh's father is wise and calm in dealing with any situation.