Be a designer of your own attitude (設計一個自己的態度)

Mr. Bartender: Episode 3

How do we measure the value of a design? Is it calculated based on the basic hourly rate? Or do we base it upon its complexity? If we were to use the hourly rate, finding a student part time worker to do the job is just fine. If it is based on complexity, then the internationally-known logo design is only worth a hundred dollars. "So how do we actually calculate the value of a design?" 

We need to learn to respect ourselves to carry on, believing in your worth such that you’re not easily compromised, and then going back to remember your original aspiration. Someday, we will meet our soul mate, as well as own a stage that belongs to yourself, so that people will come to understand and believe in what you’ve been passionately pursuing after. "Our ideas are valuable."



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