When This Boy Felt That His Father Didn't Get The Recognition He Deserved, He Does The Unexpected


The film tries to take you in the life of the family of an ignored policeman who died in the line of duty. 

Pintu, a 10-year-old boy from a small village in the interiors of India takes his father, a policeman, as a hero. He dies in a confrontation with Naxalites. He is very disappointed when he sees on television how the Shaheeds of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai are given respect and their families are honored while his family and father are being ignored by the society and the system. 

What will Pintu do? Will he come to the terms with the ignorance of the society for his family's sacrifice, will he fight back or will he do something that no body ever expected from a 10-year-old boy? It is the story of innocence, determination, courage and growing up of Pintu.