Modern Art

In the year of 2012, NFT and virtual art become a new trend that the world all flatter about, this unique technology has replaced the importance of traditional works of art . On the contrary, it seems to have become an amazing work to sell fake art to the world by using gimmicks to disguise it as a work of art.

In the story, (⽇晨)is a modern watercolor painter who makes a living selling painting on the street, but real life has always been against him everywhere. His paintings not famous at all, and his friends don’t support his work. But a magical chance appear infant of him that made him break into the world of painting. In the world of the painting, (⽉林)was his only friend who could talk to. He was persuaded by her to try the new art display method, which is selling art work through online, creating his own NFT, which made his life in this painting world better and better. Until he realized that people were not interested in his artistic creation, and everything was a commercial operation, it was too late, he couldn’t go back to the reality and stuck in this society, he was imprisoned in this painting world by her and became a water painting.