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Missed Calls

Jeanine is a JC1 student who is stuck at home with her estranged mother, Lisa, during the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore. After losing her grandfather to COVID-19 over a month ago, she is overwhelmed with grief and unable to move on.

When she receives a notification about a missed call from 'Ah Gong' - her late grandfather, she realises that she can communicate with him days before his passing. Clutching onto the possibility of altering the past, she tries her best to get Ah Gong to stay home, not realising that he had already contracted the virus.

In the end, after investing all her hope on his return, Ah Gong does not come back; Jeanine is also unable to call him again. This breaking point sets a pivotal moment that brings Lisa and Jeanine closer when they face their grief together. Furthermore, an unexpected voicemail left behind by Ah Gong helps Jeanine realise that she was never meant to alter the past as this was an opportunity meant for her to move on. Jeanine’s connection with her grandfather eventually reconnects her with her mother.