Mirage Ep 4: The Stranger

After his release from serving two years of sentence for a speeding case that killed his sibling, a guilt-stricken brother faces the harsh reality of the accident through a relentless interview from a Masters student in journalism.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
The conception of this series came about when reading crime articles. It has become second nature for us to perceive the guilty party as someone of a lower standing. We wouldn’t equate ourselves with them as we start to question their lack of morals.

But when we are placed in a similar predicament, is it as black and white as how we perceive it to be? Or will we succumb to the cruel circumstances that befall the guilty party?

Ultimately, we want to explore circumstances that push one to their limits, putting their necessities of life at stake.

We present “Mirage”, where chaos occupies the lives of our protagonists, blurring their moral compass leading to actions that set off irreversible and possibly disastrous consequences.