Merry Go Round

Jia is a normal office worker; having the same busy life everyday. Yet he insists on bringing his own guitar and singing by the street everyday after work. Singing is his favourite hobby, and he is the leader in his own music world.

But his girlfriend Ching feels unhappy about this. She thinks that Jia has wasted too much time on playing music. Even though she understands Jia’s passion on music, but considering their financial situation, Ching thinks Jia should not try to step into the singing field, by getting a chance to become a famous artist. Or he can even not sing every night, save up the time to get some self-learning courses, or even getting a part-time job. Don't get involve too much in music.

Jia and Ching have a quarrel about this, he doesn't understand why he is being asked to stop pursuing his only dream and interest. Today, Jia went for street singing again, and he went back to the old memory, the day music brought their first meeting in life.

That night five years ago, and a blue night today, was it this little couple that changed or was it just the world?