An escape from everyday life. A journey into one’s past. A long-lost love. A forgotten memory.

Memory Lane

To escape from his everyday life, Hee-Tae visits the area where he grew up in search for his ex-girlfriend Tae-Eun. It is the place of his childhood memories, good ones, as well as ones he would rather forget. Torn between past and future, guilt and desire, will Hee-Tae be able to find Tae-Eun and go back to the past?

為了逃避現實生活,Hee-Tae 到了與前女友一起成長的地方。一個充滿了兒時回憶,快樂的,難忘的。周旋在現今與未來,內疚與欲望之間,他真的能夠找回前女友Tae-Eun 以及回到那個想念的從前嗎?