Every shortage that happens becomes a political weapon in this world. So, water has become a political weapon now.

Mayadweep (An Island of Illusion)

Mayadweep (An Island of Illusion) chronicles the diverse set of circumstances that resulted in the institution of the iconic Bikaner Gang Canal in the Western Indian region of Rajasthan. The film then diagnoses a context in the present-day that parallels the events of its early twentieth-century recollection. It therefore establishes a legacy of aristocratic apathy, the suffering it yields, and the social upheaval that results. The film attempts to mimic the spiritual, visual, and aural landscape of the site of its central events; the desert. In this, it affects a deliberate sparseness to simulate existence inside a vast, grotesque chamber, where a thousand legends travel on the wind, and where ghosts of a distant past whisper into the ears of the ones who are alert to their lament.