All Neil ever wanted when he woke up on a Monday morning was to get to work on time. In a carpool, Neil is matched with a beautiful girl, Lisa, and he is stunned by her beauty. Neil does not greet her all throughout the ride, but decides to ask the driver what her last name was after she was dropped off. The driver does not give it away, but Neil eventually sees her name on the driver’s app. Neil searches Lisa on Facebook, but her profile was private.

The following day, Neil is matched with Lisa again. The driver tells them that this is because their drop-offs are near each other. The next day, Neil and Lisa are matched again, but Neil is silent all throughout the ride and never says hi to Lisa. Neil is matched with Lisa the following morning. He finally greets her, but he is reading lines from index cards as he does this, but Lisa had her earphones on all throughout and she doesn’t hear a single word he’s saying. Neil tries again and again, morning after morning, but it always fails. Neil starts to lose hope but the driver encourages him to talk to Lisa.

The following day, Neil is dressed better than his usual. The driver teases him about this and gestures him to talk to Lisa, but Neil is still too shy to do this. The driver gets fed up by this and decides to pull over, and leaves them alone in the car to talk. Neil finally talks to Lisa. The two finally start a proper conversation while the driver waits outside.