Gilang, a child who is still in high school with a disability. He really cares about the people around him during a pandemic like this. Gilang always takes to the streets directly to provide assistance and support to the people around him to comply with government regulations. He always greets people who pass in front of him and does not hesitate to reprimand people who do not wear masks on the street. While on patrol, Gilang met two teenagers walking together and not wearing masks. Gilang who saw it immediately reprimanded him and gave him a mask, apparently these 2 people will not accept this, they are angry with Gilang to insult him. Gilang is sad about this, because he really doesn't want people to feel what he feels. Gilang lost his father to COVID 19. Every time he reprimanded people who didn't wear masks, he always helped his father. But Gilan remains consistent in what he does for that purpose