Ma? (妈?)

Returning home from her mother’s (Ah Ma) funeral, Ling is startled by her daughter’s (Hui Xuan) claims that Ah Ma has visited Hui Xuan in a dream the prior night, and also that a stray and stationary moth on their dining table might be the reincarnation of Ah Ma.

Unable to reconcile her beliefs and grief, Ling tries to force and persuade Hui Xuan to conformity, to which her daughter resists adamantly.

In a fit of anger, Ling attempts to kill the moth to win the argument, but hesitates when the moth lands next to the cross on the door.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
To listen, one must be empty so that one can fully hear. It is the emptiness of a vessel that makes the vessel useful. But what do you do when your daughter tells you that the moth on your dining table is the reincarnation of your own mother? Our lead character, Ling, is a Christian woman and also someone who is still dealing with the grief of losing her mother. The position of Ling is obviously understandable; she truly believes that she is absolving her daughter of mental hallucinations. She acts, surely with the noblest of intentions: protecting her loved one from delusion, but yet she only ends up accentuating the conflict and almost killing the innocent moth in a fit of anger. Hence, a moral dilemma: Is there a right action in this situation? How far are we prepared to go to force a win?