Luck Down Ep 1: Crazy Lady

A viral video, of a crazy lady running a rampage in her own Dumpling Noodles store, spreads like wildfire on social media. An aloof, middle-aged Jasmine struggles to run her newly-opened store and her own personal life, especially in the love department until she meets Brandon, an attractive property agent, from Sydney. Her luck soon runs out as the pandemic hits and she discovers Brandon is actually a love scammer.

Director Statement:
As I read the script, I realised behind the “romance”, drama, and comedy bits was a woman struggling to find herself in the midst of her life and in a pandemic. I saw myself in her, even though I’m in my 20s, my most recent thoughts were “What will happen to me in the next few years before I hit 30? Do I need to have certain achievements? I need to be at a "further" or "higher" place, right? Would I be doing, genuinely, ok? Then can you imagine if you were in her shoes in her 40s, with so many years behind her and just going back to the drawing block and starting anew in an industry she has no idea of? And also coming to realise she needed to comprehend herself anew too, ironically, through her love scammer.

With the pandemic hitting everyone upside down, the hawkers, mostly consisting of the older generation, struggle to see the end of the tunnel and how to make ends meet. And instead of not portraying the depressing side of things, having this play out in comedic, light-hearted banter will help soothe the heaviness everyone has been feeling and at the same time, bring to light the people we forgot to honour.

Creator/Writer Statement: LUCK DOWN is a romantic comedy set in contemporary Singapore. It is about a woman, on the wrong side of 40, who fulfills her lifelong dream of opening a hawker stall, falls in love for the first time, finds out her new boyfriend is a love scammer. Then, Covid-19 forces them to be locked down together.

In LUCK DOWN, we laugh and cry with lonely hawker Jasmine as she navigates the lockdown, coupledom and her new stall with Brandon. All while trying not to get into trouble with lockdown ambassadors, vigilantes and the authorities. Not to mention customers, friends, family, and nosy neighbours.

I had come up with the concept in during the first circuit breaker, exploring how the pandemic could be affecting romantic relationships. Does absence make the heart grow fonder or rather, does familiarity breed contempt? What happens if you are stuck with someone you don’t trust? This is no ordinary love-hate-love story, but then again, we are still living through extraordinary times.