Lonely Love

Rossa is a woman who lives in a small boarding house in the middle of the city. Rossa only has a friend named David. Living in poverty and alone makes Rosa feel lonely. One day David came to Rosa's boarding house to tell him that David liked a girl and was confused about how to convey it. When david told rosa could only silently hide the feelings she actually felt for david. David continued to tell stories but rosa just seemed silent and sometimes only replied with a little talk. David who continued to talk at length stopped when David thought of trying to practice expressing his feelings to the woman he likes by making rosa as the woman's presupposition. david began to try to express his feelings to rosa, when finished rosa was silent, then david tried to resuscitate rosa by snapping his fingers. David repeated the words he had said Rosa was still silent for a moment then kissed David. Rosa immediately spoke out loud in response to what David said, David was surprised by what Rosa did. David asked "we are still practicing right?" rosa answered him and explained what he was doing earlier. David rushes off to go to the woman he has a crush on and confess his feelings. Rosa was silent while crying.