Lila & Josh

Josh is a young man who blatantly upholds the meaning of pride and ignorance in the time of the pandemic. His girlfriend on the other hand, Lila, is solely aware of what is going on and how it can be avoided. With opposing views, Lila and Josh find it hard to reach a common ground. They are challenged by their own belief of what COVID-19 is actually all about, disproving that love has no boundaries when it comes to not accepting the facts.

One day, Josh calls Lila after sending her a gift. Despite feeling touched, Lila still finds herself irritated as Josh says that he’s going out for a bit to meet a friend and dismisses her suggestion to stay home. Lila was unable to do anything about it and instead calls her best friend, Isa, to seek comfort. Lila complains about her boyfriend’s carelessness when cases of the coronavirus in the country continue to rise. Isa subtly asks if Josh knows, hinting on a secret that Lila has been hiding. After ending the conversation, Lila was surprised to receive another call from Josh, who reveals that he makes a detour and is now waiting outside of her house. He wanted to see and hug her after not being able to for 6 months due to the pandemic. He blames it on what he calls “a made up virus.” Eventually, this fueled Lila’s anger and resulted in a fight.

Days have gone by after their fight but Lila was still unresponsive to Josh. He worries that something might have happened and opted to call Isa who reveals that Lila was in quarantine for days now after being identified as a PUI. Shocked and worried, Josh feels annoyed that they kept it a secret. Isa scoffs back as Josh didn’t even believe in the virus in the first place. After ending the call, Josh swallows his pride and does some research to educate himself. He hurriedly goes to Lila’s house in full gear, now wearing a mask and face shield unlike his first visit. Unfortunately, no one seems to be home. Nonetheless, Josh patiently waits in hopes of seeing her and gaining assurance of her safety. With a soft call of his name, Lila suddenly appears, returning home from receiving her negative test result. As the two express their remorse and exchange their apologies, they walk on with a brighter outlook to the situation.