Lights! Camera! Act- is a short mockumentary film about a young, idealistic director's absurd and ultimately ill-fated attempts to make his dream film, an arthouse western, and the cyclical nature of creative fulfillment

Lights! Camera! Act-

Lights! Camera! Act- is a comic interpretation of the Sisyphean cycle. Following the critical and commercial failure of his second feature film, the one-time darling of the Singapore film industry bets his name and life-savings on a script he believes will change the face of local cinema.

Inspired by a vague vision of a figure in the desert, a young and idealistic Stan has set forth into the production of what he considers his magnum opus with his trusty right hand man Geoff. It is a potentially groundbreaking moment for the local film scene, and documentary filmmaker Robert and his crew are eager to record the production for posterity.

However, the road to creative fulfillment is filled with obstacles. From an over zealous actor to run-ins with the law, Stan is faced with multiple crises that threaten to throw his film into production hell.