28 mins

Life Of Silence (犧牲之旅)

Warning: Contains Nudity

A fiction woven in the reality, three gay men tangled in two weddings. When there is contradiction between erotic life and parental expectation, one would have to make a difficult choice. In order to rethink of marriage, Life of Silence, a sequel of Body at Large, looks at the oppressed sexual minorities. What is the Happy Family? Is there only a single way to make it? Or one should be able to embrace one’s self freely? Human beings deserve the happiness without any barrier.

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  • 2014 Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan
  • 2015 Golden Harvest Awards& Short Film Festival, Taiwan
  • 2015 Urban Nomad Film Fest, Taiwan
  • 2015 Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • 2015 Frederick Film Festival LGBTQ Night, USA
  • 2015 InDPanda International Film Festival, Hong Kong
  • 2015 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

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