A tired and jaded death angel who has recently escaped his duties of collecting souls tries to regain his humanity while he is hiding from his counterparts from the nether realm.

Letting Go

Letting Go of someone whom you greatly love is some times the thing to do to really truly love. That love, is in action and not passivity.

Jayden has to make a very tough decision to save his wife, Leanne, or his unborn son, Jacky when complications occurred during childbirth delivery. Not wanting either of them to perish, Jayden decided to use his knowledge as an occult writer to summon Death to trade his life to ensure that Leanne and Jacky survive.

Death decided to give Jayden a year to observe him as It thought that Jayden is a rather interesting character for making such a rash and selfless decision. However, Jayden managed to make an amulet for himself to mask his presence from Death and survived for seven years with his family.

One day, his amulet broke and Death finally catches up to Jayden and Death gives an ultimatum for Jayden to either choose to offer his soul or Death will claim everyone's soul.