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Letter Of Unprotected Memories

Lucky Kuswandi is taking us on a personal journey he underwent when Imlek, the Chinese New Year, was declared to be a national holiday. The celebration always takes him back to his childhood, when such festivities were still forbidden. Through his eyes, we see the unique colors with which the people celebrate Imlek, past and present, and the big question he always poses with each Imlek.

* For 33 years, celebrating Imlek (Chinese New Year) had been forbidden in Indonesia, based on the Presidential Instruction no. 14/1967, which was later annulled by Presidential Decree no. 6/2000 issued by President Abdur- rahman Wahid (Gus Dur), and enforced by Presidential Decree no. 19/2002 issued by President Megawati, which officially declared Imlek a national holiday.