Let Me Explain - The Music We Listen To

Singapore has a diverse music culture; Various communities have their own distinct musical traditions. We also have an urban musical scene, and is a center for pop, rock, punk and other genres in the region. And who doesn't love our yearly National Day songs?

National Day Songs featured:

NDP 1998 Theme Song - Home https://youtu.be/JOc1RGkBviQ

We Are Singapore - NDP 2018 Theme Song [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/__pmy8a17pM

NDP 2005 Theme Song: Reach out for the Skies by Rui En & Taufik https://youtu.be/ic3SXtPzeMQ

NDP 2021 Theme Song - The Road Ahead [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/II_5jBaYmGQ

Source: "We Are Singapore" © Government of the Republic of Singapore. Permission required for reproduction.