LENS: The Last Witness

Living in a world where everything is instantly seen in social media. Where Everyone captures scenery, and then posts it for memory.

Yet, there's this one question. Is it necessary for us to post on social media? Well, some people don’t just post for fun. Instead, they post for their ambitions.

Here we have Peter, a passionate photographer who wanders in every place capturing scenes of daily living through his eyes and through the lens of his camera. He shares his snapshots to the virtual world. Alongside his hope of becoming a popular street photographer. And that is one of a million ambitions a person can have.

Master Henry is a rising social media influencer. He owes his fame to Jake, an expert in terms of internet hacks. Jake now insists to be paid for his services but fame amplifies the ego of Master Henry that leads to the shut down of his career and more deteriorate, his death.

A crime is done. There should be a witness. The investigation starts.

When passion, ambition and principles all collide in your mind, can you still testify and tell the story that your own eyes have witnessed?

Another crime is waiting, the lens is still staring.