Lastik: Once Upon a Time in the East

Donald wants to grow up to become a journalist but first, he must go back to his mother's hometown for the school holidays. There, his best friend Muz and his new friend Zak tell him that they are being bullied by two English boys. The bullies have taken their tree house, tin cans and rubber bands. It's up to Donald and his friends to reclaim what is theirs... through an all out rubber band match in the kampung!

Lastik: Once Upon a Time in the East' is a playful interpretation of how North Borneo gained its independence from the British. The short film also features a cast of fresh, young talents. Introducing Keith Klaus as 'Donald', Ahmad Ilhan as 'Muz', Arrysh Harley as 'Zak', Yaacob Nasran and Alexander Berg.

'Lastik' is part of Red Comm and Astro's My Hometown Series 2012. In conjunction with Malaysia's Independence Day, a director from each Malaysian state was chosen to produce a short film about their hometown. 'Lastik: Once Upon a Time in the East' represents the East Malaysian state of Sabah.