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Last Call

Yumi, a young student working as a part time bartender at a bar in the Makati, attends to her customers just like any regular night. As she does her bar chores, Sam, a regular in the place, walks in almost unnoticed, without his usual brimming confidence. It is only after a while that his usual confidante noticed him, yearning for a drink and more. 

As the night grew deeper, so did their conversations. Sam spills his heart out, Yumi emphasizes. Their relationship might be casual and shallow, but not necessarily meaningless. In fact, the shallowness might have blinded them that admiration cannot exist between them. 

Sam mentions Jessica, a mysterious girl that only he knows who she really is, as the center of his current problem. Yumi tries even harder to empathize, she nearly stumbles but picks herself up as she gives out the last call.