An impoverished mother who recently lost her job as a maid fails is in desperate need to find a new job to provide for her daughter. Her best friend gives her a job opportunity but the job requires her to kill drug addicts and pushers.


A lower-middle-class mother named Catherine was recently fired from a job as a maid. She struggles to provide for her only daughter Marry-Anne and is on the verge of losing electricity from unpaid bills. Fortunately, she meets up with her best friend Maribeth. Maribeth offers her job as a vigilante, killer drug pushers and addicts. Maribeth is pregnant therefore she needs Catherine to take her spot while she gives birth. At first, she is hesitant but because of her desperation, she gives in. Catherine meets her employer. A middle-aged man named Jose. He takes her to a shooting range. He instructs her to shoot several bottles. After several tries, she succeeds. Her final test was to shoot a dog. She immediately protested but Jose threatens to fire her. Catherine is forced to shoot the dog. The following night she is tasked to kill a drug dealer. Jose drives using his motorbike while Catherine rides at the back. He drives to an empty road to see a panicking drug dealer. They slowly and quietly approach them. This alerts the dealer causing him to walk away quickly. Jose commands Catherine to shoot the dealer or he would shoot her if she doesn't. Catherine shoots the dealer out of panic then proceeds to run towards Jose's motorbike. They quickly drive away from the street. Jose drops her off from a secluded road and gives Catherine her pay. She proceeds to walk away. Catherine arrives home flustered but very tired. She passes out on the couch but wakes up after a nightmare. She checks if her daughter is home but she is nowhere to be found. She begins to panic but she hears the door open. Her state of fear becomes anger when she starts to violently scold Marry-Anne for arriving late. This causes Marry-Anne to lock herself in her room. The next day Catherine starts to work again. She begins to earn thousands per kill. However, her relationship with her distant daughter is still cold. Catherine opens-up to Mary-Anne the following morning. She tells her that she can spend time with her because of her new job. However, she doesn't reveal what it is. Eventually, Catherine saves enough money to buy her daughter a school uniform. She's going to enroll back to school. Catherine and Marry-Anne share a heartfelt moment between Mother and daughter. Unfortunately, it suddenly interrupted by a text Catherine receives. She is summoned by Jose for another job. In the evening Catherine arrives in Jose's house. Jose informs her of the new targets. He shows her the targets using his phone. However, Catherine sees that one of the targets is Marry-Anne. A rush of fear and frustration run down her spine. On their way to the targets, they got stuck in traffic. Catherine takes this opportunity to leap out of the motorbike and run through the traffic. Jose doesn't follow her and continued his pursuit of the targets. Catherine arrives home to see Marry-Anne about to leave while carrying a suspicious bag. She confronts Marry-Anne and tries to take the bag away, however, Marry-Anne doesn't let go. Catherine pulls it away from her resulting in the bag to fall towards the floor. The bag opens up revealing a handful of cash. This angers Catherine as she violently slaps Marry-Anne. Catherine and Marry-Anne start to breakdown. Both begin to apologize for their mistakes. Catherine blames herself for failing as a mother. Suddenly a sound of a loud motorbike driving through appears from a distance. Catherine immediately begins to block the doorway with furniture. Marry-Anne helps her carry the tables. Catherine grabs a knife and closes the lights. They slowly creep into their room as they await their death.