Jakarta, 2018. The blue angkot car crosses an empty road, passes several public transportations on the side of the road, passes pedestrians, and several people pass by. That afternoon, Anyar's (27 years old) public transportation car was in the middle of a row of other transportation cars. Anyar played the radio to the left of the steering wheel, the koplo music playing echoed throughout the angkot cars. Anyar took the money from his pocket and counted it. Before Anyar finished counting, a thug named Jodi (35 years old) knocked on the car window. Anyar gave 50,000 rupiah through the window pane. Anyar's gaze did not turn to look at Jodi who was lashing out at the transportation car in front of him. In the evening Anyar gave a deposit to the angkot skipper. The next day Anyar paid 50,000 rupiah to Jodi. The incident repeated between Anyar's hand giving money to Jodi and the hand when it was deposited with the angkot skipper. Until one day, Anyar was waiting for a passenger with sweat sweating on his forehead, looked back through the middle window, there was only one passenger in the rear left corner, he looked again in the rear view mirror, the passenger got off the angkot in annoyance, because the angkot never left . Shortly from the right side mirror of the car, Jodi appeared to be approaching his angkot car. Then Anyar took the money out of his pocket with a heavy heart and gave it to Jodi, then Jodi left. This time New is no longer able to hold it and took the keys from the equipment in his car and followed where Jodi went. Jodi stopped in a quiet alley and started to pee there and at that moment with a vengeance, Anyar approached Jodi and hit him from behind with a key. English. The next day, someone's hand knocked on the door and the angkot driver gave him the money in annoyance. And it turns out that someone is Anyar.