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Jam Busters

Vietnam's capital Hanoi, once that quaint city of wide boulevards and bicycles, has in a few short years transformed into a bustling economic engine. Its streets today are jam-packed with scooters, cars and trucks; each contributing to the motorist free-for-all Hanoi has gained infamy for. But some locals are looking to make a change. Tuyen reports for the popular Traffic Channel, educating listeners about traffic rules and encouraging them to report traffic jams live. Since the 'Voice of Vietnam Traffic' launched the channel 3 years ago, it has become the second most listened to channel in Hanoi. Another local, Dzung, is passionate about redesigning the traffic infrastructure to break the gridlock and create a cleaner and safer environment. And Ha Anh is the leader of a group of university student volunteers who are tired of being knocked off their motorbikes or being late for class. These "Jam Busters" form human chains in the middle of peak traffic to persuade Hanoi motorists to obey road rules.