It Seems To Rain (少年不戴花)

Everyday, a boy will only go out to school after straightening his curly hair. But the rainy days made his hair curly again. This makes Kuan feel disturbed. Worrying about how other people will know about his curly hair, Kuan is always careful about keeping it a secret.

男孩每天都要把自己天生卷曲的头发,用离子夹拉的笔直才肯出门 上学,但是连日来的梅雨,却一直将头发无意弄得卷翘,这让宽感到无比的困扰。对于这费心隐藏的自然卷曲,宽总是小心翼翼的,深怕被谁知道了这个秘密。