In The End, He Was Held Captive By Memory & An Android

In The Name Of Love (因愛之名)

In tomorrow's world, androids are as common as cell phones. Androids provide great support to human beings in their daily life, even on emotion. One day, a prohibited computer program appears. It can make androids to have independent thinking. Human beings feel threatened. They are afraid that with this program, androids would rebel and a disaster would be coming. Hence, a special task force is formed to exterminate these virus-affected androids.

Shirakawa is one of the officers of the special task force. In an operation, he catches Alice, one of the deviated androids. Shirakawa finds Alice look very much like his runaway wife. Instead of exterminating it, he takes Alice home. He wishes this special android could bring him back a happy family. However, Alice is not a robot anymore. It can think and decide. 

Finally, Alice escapes and unexpectedly, it discovers the truth which is....