61 mins

In The Can (殺青)

"In The Can" is a story with two stories and two sub-lines to complete the story to the reality of VS film topics on the value of life, the existence of the value of such issues, the so-called life like drama, drama such as life; how do you know if your life is written by someone u cannot foresee?

Screenwriter - Qing Tian and director - Zhan works together in the crew, they tailor script for client, so that client pays the price of life beyond the world of the film in order to get a life as he wishes. Qing Tian's girlfriend was once trapped in the movie world in an incident of client & everyone thought she was dead. Qing Tian was depressed & left the crew. After 3 years, he joined back the crew upon request by Director Zhan & accidentally find out that his girlfriend was not dead but trapped in one of the scene of the world of movie. Story begins when he tried his very best in all ways to get to see his girlfriend again…

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