When the light shines, a new life comes as Inang wakes up in a mysteriously destroyed house without any memory of what happened.

Ilaw (Light)

In a seemingly normal day, Inang wakes up in a mysteriously destructed house with no memory of what happened. She nourishes the house by decorating and fixing it. The very next day, a knock on her door comes. A lost boy by the name of Ada looks for a place to stay, even though she feels an odd feeling within her, she accepts him to live with her. This causes her to have mysterious bruises on her face and pain inside that she cannot understand.

The very next day, Ada lets a lost girl by the name of Evan inside the house without Inang's permission. Even though Inang feels resistance in her, she understands and cares for them so she lets Evan stay with them as well. With this, Inang does not permit them to go outside, let someone in without her permission anymore, or even stare out the window for too long.

In their supper, Ada and Evan confronts Inang about the life outside that house in which Inang admits that she doesn't fully understand what's outside but she says that the people outside are sinful and the world is a very dangerous place to be part in, so it is better for them to stay inside.

The next day, a knock on the door comes again. Evan lets a young man by the name of Joven. Ada warns Evan but she keeps on insisting they should help them. Joven on the other hand asks about the house and if they are able to go outside, but Ada repels him by saying that their mother (Inang), does not want them to go outside because the world is dangerous, Joven counters that statement and says that it is safe and Inang is lying to them.

Inang wakes up to find them having a conversation. Disappointed and furious, she rushes and banish Joven outside the house and locks Ada and Evan in, and says that they are not able to go outside for the rest of their lives.

After Inang displayed her furious side, Ada and Evan believed what Joven told them and Inang is lying to them by locking them in and scared that she might kill them in the process. Then, Ada and Evan plans to kill Inang before she can.

The next day, Inang wakes up tied to her bed as Ada and Evan stands and confronts her. Inang, being caring and does not really intend to lock them in and hurt them, admits that she is doing all of hat because she loves them both even though they won't understand. She loves them even though sin has finally take over them and they are blinded from the truth. Joven's words have been an influence to both Ada and Evan as Ada destroys the furnitures and Evan kills Inang by choking her. Unable to let her breathe.

Inang dies as both of them escapes and leaves the house destroyed. Mysteriously, we can hear a voice chanting a poem as Inang comes back to life again. She wakes up and finds the house destroyed with no memory of what happened.

The story ends as we go from the beginning and we complete a never-ending cycle of Inang's pain and suffering.