I Failed Ep 4: I Failed In Marriage

Nur got married at just 20 years old, believing that love would conquer all and without much consideration for the future. However, 15 years into the marriage, Nur’s wife asked for a divorce and was adamant to go through with it despite his pleas.

In an unusual move, his sons chose to stay with him after the divorce, giving him strength to pull through those dark days. Today, Nur has forged a new life, is focused on a new career path, and believes that the divorce was for the best of both parties.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 

Failure is a concept that is at once deeply personal, but also largely defined by the external world. Regardless of how we employ our rational minds and logic, many of us find it hard to break out of the markers of success that were taught to us by society, and which we continue to see around us all the time.

This series is thus one of many ways in which I seek to remind myself that failure is not a monster to be afraid of, but a friend who will show you unpleasant but necessary truths about yourself.

I thank our 5 profiles for their courage in sharing about their own failures, and I invite others to do the same with those around them, so that we can remind each other that failure is common, normal, and nothing to be ashamed about.