HER - Women in Asia S4: EPISODE 3: HER At the Top

HER is back! Ready for round four? Like in the first three seasons, HER 4 portrays the lives of women from all spheres of Asian societies, featuring protagonists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In each episode, three women give their perspectives on their living conditions and other universal and crucial topics. What challenges do they face in tech and AI? What stories do single moms have to tell? How do women cope with grief and how do they guard our nature? Find out on HER – Women in Asia.

Why is it harder for women to get good jobs? Is it a lack of confidence, or the lack of necessary education or training? Or is it gender bias that exists in the corporate world? More and more, women don’t really care what’s causing the discrimination they face. They just want to overcome it. And some of these women - such as tech driven Anna from Singapore, young Philippine airliner CEO Ryna, and driven Pakistani industrialist Afshan, for examples - surpass all the hurdles to climb to the top.