HER - Women In Asia S3: EPISODE 3: Climate Action

Ready for round three? HER continues this winter! Like in the first two seasons, HER 3 portrays the lives of women from all spheres of Asian societies, featuring protagonists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. In each episode, three women give their perspectives on universal, existential and crucial topics. What challenges do women scientist face, what stories do female politicians have to tell, and waht impact do migration and poverty have on women? Find out on HER - Women in Asia.

Most regions in the world are suffering the effects of human-induced climate change. Natural disasters such as droughts, landslides, floods and hurricanes, have increased. People in poverty commonly face higher risk and greater burdens from the impacts of climate change. And the majority of the world's poor are women. Women's unequal participation often prevents them from fully contributing to climate-related planning, policy-making and implementation.