She’s Getting Ready To Be Found

Her Smile

'Her Smile' takes place in the Red District of South Korea. The main character is a girl named Sumi. She is a girl that wants love so desperately from the cold ruthless society that causes her to struggle so. Although she works as a prostitute, outside of her job she deals with situations that much of the world can relate to. This is not a story of a young prostitute but rather a story about a girl who was left behind by the lack of love in her life and lives everyday struggling with her misconceptions of love, hoping for the best. Sumi attempts to find true love in this life by beginning 'Her Smile' getting ready for her 'loves' arrival.

"Her Smile"一部描述韓國紅燈區的故事,主角Sumi是個期待被愛的女孩。身為娼妓的生活,她面對的並不是外界所能想像的現實生活。這不是個關於年輕娼妓的故事,而是個年輕女孩對於愛情的渴望,讓她產生了被扭曲慾望。