12 mins

A Father, Hanging On To His Lifeline.

Hanging On (留言)

Do you remember . . . ? How much he loves you?

Based on a true story. An aged dad misses his beloved daughter all the time, wondering if she's too exhausted from work, if she takes good care of herself.

At the same time, this daughter never neglects her father and spends valued moments with her dad out of her busy life. Until one day, an incident happens, and everything changed, except...

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  • (2013) The 5th Macau International Micro-Movie Festival – “Best Director Award” (2013) 第五届"澳門國際電節"微電影 - "最佳導演獎"
  • (2014) Taiwan International Short-Film x Hengdian Film Festival - “The Best Micro-movie Award” (2014) 台北國際短片節 x 横店影视節文荣獎 – “最佳微電影獎”
  • (2014) Taiwan iBEC Micro-Movie – “Most Popular Award” (2014) 台湾 “iBEC 微電影展” – “最佳人氣獎”
  • (2014) The 3rd HKheart Micro-Movie Contest – “Best Micro-movie Award– Silver” (2014) 第三届 “香港心”微电影创作比赛 – “最佳微电影银奖”
  • Winner of Viddsee Shortee Award, Feb 2016

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