Film is just like thought lets think about it.


"Guriya" is a story about a Father Akram who’s daughter Shama had turned 12 and he returns back to his native village in Sindh. He’s very concern about the health and education of his only daughter. While returning home he buy a doll for her to play and when he present it to her she asks for books instead of dolls. Akram gets impressed and with pride own his daughter. Similarly on the other hand Akram’s father being the eldest of the house accepts the proposal of Nadir’s daughter Shama with one of his old friend’s Son. When Nadir came to know about it he started behaving like someone who came across with mental disorder however he’s provoking his Father on every occasion. The people around him feels that he had been caught up with sprits and this usually happens. Akram decides that he will go against all the norms of the society and debates with all the elders for early child marriage which is a practice in the village.