Daíng is a multi-character short documentary film focusing on the lives of three subjects in the community of Pamarawan. Ka Odi and Ka Edgar, are both experienced “mambabaklad”, an underwater fishing technique that sets a type of net that acts as a fish cage; and Nanay Aring who is a normal resident of the island. The documentary will show their daily lives and ways of trying to earn money, bringing home food for their family, catching fish outside of their natural habitat, and the risks they endure for their family. Their style of attaining basic necessities in daily life as people of Pamarawan will be highlighted – starting from their daily routine to venturing into the community and the sea, actual fishing activity, and as Nanay Aring, Ka Odi, and Ka Edgar sells their product/fish and them coming home to their respective families. It will show how this simple community struggles every day with the nearby construction of the San Miguel Corp.’s ‘Aerocity’, which is the main conflict this documentary will expose. The film will ratify how the soon-to-rise airport poses a big threat to the entirety of the island and how it directly affects them as a community, their source of food and livelihood. Daíng will provide insight to the audience as they witness the life and voice of this community get overpowered by outsiders and even their local government in calling out their concerns for the betterment of their livelihood on the rapidly going urbanization that hinders their way of life and threatens their community’s future.