Golden Bells

In 1979, the Yu family headed by Kim Cheong opens a new clothing store called “Jameson” at the heart of downtown Bacolod City. His wife Ester, five children: Venicio, James, Betty, Anson, and Dina support him in this new venture by managing everything together as a family.

Anson, the youngest son, witnesses the journey of his father and the transformation of Jameson throughout the years. He decides to learn everything that he can about the business not knowing the hardships that come in between.

After years of development, Kim Cheong decides to open a new store just beside Jameson and wants Anson to manage this new establishment called “Golden Bells” to further expand the family business. Kim Cheong and Anson begin a new journey as father and son to see if selling plasticware will work in the current market. Eventually, Anson faces new challenges and we see him grow as a man with lessons that only his father can teach.

Finally, as the years progress we see the Yu family in the present, what they have been through, and what has become of Jameson and Golden Bells in the modern era of 2023.