She may be a zombie, but she’s still a wife, a mother.

God Will Know His Own (Dieu Reconnaîtra Les Siens)

An evening in August 1975. In an isolated house, somewhere in the french countryside, a couple and their two children are going about their own business. Nothing peculiar, apart from the fever that the youngest daughter is suffering from. But the radio is now broadcasting an alarming message: the dead have risen from the grave and walk among the living, a threat that must be eradicated without delay.

1975 年8月的這個黃昏,一所獨立式洋房內,住著的是一對恩愛的夫妻以及一對女兒,小女兒更是因為發燒而病倒了。就如往常一樣的日子,但廣播卻在這時候播出:亡者已從故土中甦醒,必須馬上根除那禍害。