Gen Z Starter Pack Ep 3: Hooked On Apphia-Ling

Hooked on Apphia-ling is a light-hearted documentary featuring 24-year old Apphia, the founder of Whoaa!, a Singaporean accessories brand and how she creates unique and eccentric jewellery with a local flair. Starting with no capital and no physical retail space, Apphia is an example of an emerging trend amongst Gen Z youth, who believe that having a full-time job shouldn’t stop you from pursuing other creative pursuits. With the help of technology, “whoaa!” is also an example of the new age of online shopping, where markets and sells her quirky creations through various online platforms, all from the comfort of her home.

Director Statement:
I first discovered Whoaa! On my Tiktok For You Page and was intrigued by the creative and innovative ways in which Apphia turned everyday items into miniature jewellery. Whoaa! Was started by an introvert who found an avenue to express herself, and in doing so, allowed other introverts to express themselves as well.

As a mostly introverted person myself, I use film as an avenue to convey stories that I emotionally connect with. A lot of people often have negative assumptions about Generation Z, but through this documentary, I hope to uncover a more substantial side of Generation Z, who are hardworking and brave enough to break the status quo and pursue passions outside of the regular 9 to 5.

I believe in looking for the unique in the everyday and through this documentary, I hope to inspire Gen Z into believing that they can create something out of nothing if they have the drive and passion for it.