Gen Z Starter Pack Ep 1: Thrift Shift

To an outsider, the sudden popularity around thrifting and buying second-hand clothing might seem like another fad that “kids these days” are jumping on for the thrill of it. But is it really just a frivolous pursuit? Relegating the thrifting trend to another superficial activity among youths risks oversimplifying the intent behind engaging in the resale shopping market. Yes, thrift shopping is cool & stylish, but it’s also a pioneering movement into sustainable fashion for some Gen Zs who’ve created a business out of curating, reworking and reselling second-hand clothing. For many Gen Z shoppers, it’s also a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Director Statement:
Taking care of our planet is something that’s grown increasingly important to me, especially when there’s such a pressing need to address the huge climate crisis that we’re currently facing today. There are many different ways we can adopt sustainable, environmentally-friendly consumer habits in our lifestyles, but I think one of the biggest movements in Singapore, especially among young people, is this shift towards second-hand fashion. And that’s what we were interested to explore - how thrifting and buying second-hand clothing has become more widely accepted among the youths, and might even be their preferred source of fashion. It’s definitely a trend (because thrifting is also very much a communal experience and activity to be enjoyed with friends) but I think we risk reducing the motivations behind shopping second-hand when we dismiss it as just another ‘fad’. I think thrifting, and the resale market in general, introduces us to a way of consuming fashion that’s both fun, exciting and sustainable. And I hope that joy and fun shows through in Julia’s story and in her environmental journey.