The time has come for Steve and Xin Yee to make a crucial decision for their marriage. Two years ago, their daughter Xiao Han, died in a car accident. As the driver during that incident, Steve couldn’t help to feel responsible for his daughter’s death. His guilt grew into physical and mental disorders and since then, he could no longer have a healthy sexual life with his wife, Xin Yee. While Steve became depressed and persistently collects Gashapon toys in memory of Xiao Han, Xin Yee refused sinking into prolonged sadness and wanted to start a new life with Steve instead. Sadly, Xin Yee felt all alone doing it and eventually proposed a divorce. The "Gashapon" Short Film depicts the reunion of a family. Steve finally managed to collect all Gashapon toys of Xiao Han’s favourite cartoon characters and Xin Yee finally realised Steve's efforts to reunite their family. Marriage of a man and woman initiates a new chapter of life. Regardless the good and bad times, a spouse’s care and support are what keeping this journey alive.