An alcoholic father gets trapped in a murderous time loop by his housekeeper. He hopelessly tries to escape, discovering the reason why he’s been cursed.


Brian, an alcoholic father, wakes up from what looks like a long and wearisome slumber. Downstairs, he finds his housekeeper, Dia, tearing up, disturbing their breakfast routine. She reveals the murder of her husband, Jake, and requests the kindness of her employer if he could spare some time to visit her late husband’s funeral. But Brian refuses. Dia becomes resentful at this rejection and ends up stabbing him to death.

Brian wakes up once again at his bed, akin to a time loop. The same events happen. Dia cries, she reveals her husband’s death, and asks for Brian’s attendance to his funeral. Brian turns apprehensive but still, he pushes away the offer. He is killed once more. Again, he wakes up, goes downstairs, but now, with a gun. Dia wails in emotional pain. She asks again and again if he would go to her late husband’s funeral. Brian just declines as he points the gun to her. But finally, she shows a picture of Jake, pouring memories to Brian’s mind, now recalling who the man is and how he is connected to his death.