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Forgive Us, Ani

This is not the story of how Sri Siti Marni alias Ani was tortured by Musdalifah - a man who has been considered Ani's family as a brother - for 9 years. This is also not the story of the re-enactment of the cruelty of Musdalifah who had employed minors - Ani was first employed at the age of 12 - not. Nor is the story of how the human trafficking chain works.

This is a simple story, of how Umarudin's (Ani's Father) endeavor seeks justice for his daughter who has been tortured by someone who has been considered his own brother. This is the story of Aas Aspiah (Ani's Mother) who always feels guilty for allowing Ani to be brought by Musdalifah. This is the story of Ani who has lost her childhood and youth.