A Bullied Boy Hires A Murderer To Put An End To His Misery, And Classmates

Fleshly Meat Pies (鮮肉餅)

“Fleshly Meat Pies” describes the inside transformation of Lin, a helpless kid in a vicious cycle of bullying. Sadly, Lin has internalized all violence as part of him. Classmates justify their bullying by accusing Lin’s father of being a serial killer since he caused a hit-and-run accident several years ago. 

Sometime later, he turned to identify a meat pie peddler whose tattoo indicates his past association with gang members. Lin imagines the meat pie peddler could be his father and would take revenge for him. For this sake, Lin stole his mother’s money and asked the peddler to kill four of his classmates before he attempted an unsuccessful suicide. 

Unfortunately, the peddler didn’t take revenge for Lin but ran away. Lin practices bullying tricks in his new school as he learns from his experience: to prevent oneself from being bullied, one needs to be the leader of bullies.