Five Thousand (Limang Libo)

"Limang Libo" is a film about two people who lead normal lives and are unaware of each other’s existence; Susan, a midwife who is bound to her debts and Manuel, a scavenger who lives a simple life with his pregnant wife. Their paths cross when Manuel takes his wife to Susan’s home because of an accident that will endanger their child, letting Susan take charge of the whole situation. Both faced with unfortunate circumstances, both Susan and Manuel will be forced to act against their instincts.

"Limang Libo"在菲律賓語裡意即 “五千”。兩個看似不相干的家庭,卻意外地相互糾纏。Susan,一個成天面對著債務的中年家庭主婦,而 Manuel則是與懷孕妻子過著平凡生活的拾荒男人。因為妻子的突然早產,Manuel 不得不向 Susan 求救。然而,他們誰都不知道,這就是他們命運相互糾纏交錯的開始...