First Time

After just a month of being together, Vince and Aliyah decide to take their relationship into a much intimate level. Being excited and nervous at the same time, they quickly go inside a convenience store to buy a condom. This is their first time ever and they do not seem to know what to say in front of the cashier. Vince awkwardly points over to the box of condoms, while Aliyah looks down shyly, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. The cashier casually grabs the box and punches the item in the cash register. Aliyah quickly grabs the box and puts it inside her bag, trying to prevent anyone from seeing it.

The two of them rush to Vince’s condominium to do what they have been wanting to do. Arriving at Vince's condo, they go straight to the bed. They kiss each other intensely until they start to take off each other’s clothes. Aliyah then grabs the condom from her bag and gives it to Vince. They stop kissing and Vince looks at Aliyah with confusion. Having thought that Aliyah knows what to do, he tries to give the condom back to her. Aliyah shakes her head and gives her the same look of confusion. Realizing that they both have no idea on what to do and how to use the condom, Vince decides to look it up online. They search it up on google and click the first link of instructions that they see. They quickly skim through the instructions and try to follow what they read. Vince tries to put the condom on but fails to do so. He tries again and it still doesn’t stay put. He hands it over to Aliyah to let her try to do it. The two keep trying but they don't succeed. Aliyah tries to stretch the condom, thinking that it's just not stretched enough. While doing this, she accidentally lets go of one end and the condom flicks to Vince's face. Vince and Aliyah look at each other and they burst out laughing. Vince motions to the door, asking Aliyah if she'd like to eat instead. Aliyah nods her head, the two quickly put on their clothes and head out of the room. As the credits roll, a short clip of the couple eating and laughing together at a fast food chain is shown.