19 mins

First Love (初恋)

Ah Gong, an elderly widower, is joined by his 10-year old granddaughter, Beatrice, when she comes over to stay with him while her parents settle divorce matters.

While at Ah Gong's place, Beatrice stumbles upon a pair of gold earrings and discovers that it was supposed to be given to Ah Gong's first love, Swee Lian.

After learning that an unforeseen breakup was the reason why Ah Gong had not given Swee Lian the earrings, Beatrice makes it her mission to reunite the two.

Writer & Director: Sabrina Poon Producer: Christina Lourdes Director of Photography: Charlyn Chua Assistant Director: Syuhada Hassan Art Director & Editor: Angelyn Leow Sound & Music: Florence Lee

  • ISFVF Beijing Film Academy Festival

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