A teenage girl tells her mom about her experiences in riding strangers' cars at night and how walking street lights blind her.

Fireflies and Passing Cars

Fireflies and Passing Cars is a story that tackles HIV/AIDS between a mother and her daughter; set in the busy street of Poblacion, Makati City Philippines.

A woman in her late 30s (portrayed by Ruschelle De Quiros-Laurio) hears her daughter's voice (Paowee Otico) in the background. The voice of her daughter haunts her as she tells everything about the job that she taught her to do.

The woman hallucinates as she hears the story, seeing things in the background where she and her daughter used to work – from the enjoyment of meeting new friends, getting her first customer, hotel stories, to the pain she's feeling every time someone asks her to do crazy stuff in bed.

Her daughter died because she caught the disease. Now her conscience haunts her and her daughter's voice still lingers in her ears everyday.